Friday, September 24, 2010

thoughts on memory, muscle, exercise and preservation herein.

Today I have had sort of an insight about memory. When people think about memory, this act of thinking is in a way a fundamental aspect of the same. The other interesting thought has to do on how we may lose it.

It occurs to me that the first memory to go may be muscle memory. Muscle memory is that physiologic state in such cells, which role is to maintain posture and coordinated movement.

So, based on this unproven hypothesis about muscle memory, it would be intuitive thinking that preserving, promoting or stimulating muscle memory is fundamental in the protection of other memories in our bodies.

After all, other physiological systems also have memories, that is, a cyclical rhythm of a similar function with some self awareness. Or could you say, the interaction which makes this an interaction of self awareness.
Further down the scale, the continuous ionic interchanges that makes this possible, electrons moving very slowly, the slowest of the energy potentials, of the voltages registered (EKG's EEG's etc), there is a similar memory and so on and so on. By now you get the point.
Perhaps we also have encoded memories in our DNA, and when a set of genes get in motion, ( another memory ), the genetic unraveling of a transmitted life experience?

But back to the muscles, they constitute the most beautiful part of the human skeleton. It is skeleton in motion, protecting and transporting the more "sophisticated" physiological entities. For that same reason it is important that the higher centers stimulate our skeletal system and the end result of this interaction is called exercise.
Bottom line my dears is that exercise is fundamental in preserving memory.

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