Thursday, December 17, 2009

As the year its end nears
Its time to declare
How fine have we fared
This past O nine year.

Gustavo his labors
Have found a location
In Vintage Solutions
He fixes some networks
So he set into motion
And found some new neighbors.

Gabe school did he finished
Good grades with two majors
How fine that endeavor
Ann Arbor he left
To Beantown he came
The Brown Jug he cherished
No more his fervor.

A fine juris doctor
Cavier is becoming
The bar is awaiting
No problems I forsee
As he is such good questor.

And Juani content
To make such much progress
A lot of success his future awaits
To such a great gent.

Dul, the love of my life
Am lucky, she is glad
I made her my wife.
Now that she’s moved
In Bluebonnet Lane
There is a new rule.

For myself there is not much to say.
All is well, there is health and money for rent
And so I m content
Its better than wealth.

So I conclude our story to tell.
Am happy to say two thousand and nine
Has been a fine tale.

The birth of our Lord
Lets all celebrate
To family and friends I truly do wish
In twenty and ten, health, joy, love and peace.