Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have been told to listen

I have been told to listen by my soon to be wife.

It is funny that she says that since listening is all I do at work. Being a physician requires you to listen and a good listener makes a good doctor. Often I find myself telling my patients that my function for the most part is like a computer, the output depends on the input. My role is to analyze information provided to me and create sort of a picture of the patients problems which is the first step in finding a solution. The more detailed the information the better the picture and the chances of me being of help relieving symptoms.

At home, however, things tend to be somewhat different.

Frequently you could see me on top of a soapbox dispensing insights and advice about her job as an assistant principal and about the shortcomings of the school district and the school where she works. And really what she needs is a sounding board, someone that patiently listens to her gripes, sort of a punching bag taking the punches product of her frustrations and tribulations. She doesn't need advise nor insights just an ear, a friendly nod and perhaps some supporting comments. This I have found hard to do being trained as a problem solver.

So I have decided to create a blog to deposit all of those thoughts and use it as a release valve and who knows, it might be found useful by some lonely soul who may find him or herself in the same predicament.

I don't expect to get many hits from followers of my ramblings but at the very least this leaves an electronic imprint of the neuronal discharges that end up as my thoughts. And given Google's function as a repository of information and should the electronic impulses that generate this documentary survive for posterity, who knows if it will be useful to future cyber-anthropologists. At the very least it might help making me a better listener.

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